Box Inc. (formerly is an online file sharing and Cloud content management service for enterprise companies. The company has adopted a freemium business model, and provides 5 GB of free storage [3] for personal accounts. A mobile version of the service is available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, WebOS, and Windows Phone devices. The company is based in Los Altos, California.


API Paths

Delete Collaboration (DELETE) /collaborations/{COLLAB_ID} OpenAPI
Get Collaboration (GET) /collaborations/{COLLAB_ID} OpenAPI
Update Collaboration (PUT) /collaborations/{COLLAB_ID} OpenAPI
Pending Collaborations (GET) /collaborations OpenAPI
Create Collaboration (POST) /collaborations OpenAPI
Get Collection Items (GET) /collections/{COLLECTION_ID}/items OpenAPI
Get Collections (GET) /collections OpenAPI
Delete Comment (DELETE) /comments/{COMMENT_ID} OpenAPI
Get Comment (GET) /comments/{COMMENT_ID} OpenAPI
Update Comment (PUT) /comments/{COMMENT_ID} OpenAPI
Create Comment (POST) /comments OpenAPI
Delete Device Pin (DELETE) /device_pinners/{ID} OpenAPI
Get Device Pin (GET) /device_pinners/{ID} OpenAPI
Get Enterprise Device Pins (GET) /enterprises/{ENTERPRISE_ID}/device_pinners OpenAPI
User Events, Enterprise Events (GET) /events OpenAPI
Long polling (OPTIONS) /events OpenAPI
Get List of File Version Legal Holds (GET) /file_version_legal_holds OpenAPI
Get File Version Legal Hold (GET) /file_version_legal_holds/{ID} OpenAPI
Get File Version Retention (GET) /file_version_retentions/{FILE_VERSION_RETENTION_ID} OpenAPI
Get File Version Retentions (GET) /file_version_retentions OpenAPI
File upload preflight check (OPTIONS) /files/content OpenAPI
Get File's Collaborations (GET) /files/{FILE_ID}/collaborations OpenAPI
Get File's Comments (GET) /files/{FILE_ID}/comments OpenAPI
Download File (GET) /files/{FILE_ID}/content OpenAPI
Copy File (POST) /files/{FILE_ID}/copy OpenAPI
Delete File (DELETE) /files/{FILE_ID} OpenAPI
Get File's Info, Get Embed Link (GET) /files/{FILE_ID} OpenAPI
Get all Metadata on File (GET) /files/{FILE_ID}/metadata OpenAPI
Delete Metadata on File (DELETE) /files/{FILE_ID}/metadata/{SCOPE}/{TEMPLATE} OpenAPI
Get Metadata on File (GET) /files/{FILE_ID}/metadata/{SCOPE}/{TEMPLATE} OpenAPI
Create Metadata on File (POST) /files/{FILE_ID}/metadata/{SCOPE}/{TEMPLATE} OpenAPI
Update Metadata on File (PUT) /files/{FILE_ID}/metadata/{SCOPE}/{TEMPLATE} OpenAPI
Restore Item (POST) /files/{FILE_ID} OpenAPI
Update File Info, Lock and Unlock, Create Shared Link (PUT) /files/{FILE_ID} OpenAPI
Get File's Tasks (GET) /files/{FILE_ID}/tasks OpenAPI
Get Thumbnail (GET) /files/{FILE_ID}/thumbnail.{EXTENSION} OpenAPI
Permanently Delete (DELETE) /files/{FILE_ID}/trash OpenAPI
Get Trashed File (GET) /files/{FILE_ID}/trash OpenAPI
Promote Version (POST) /files/{FILE_ID}/versions/current OpenAPI
View Versions (GET) /files/{FILE_ID}/versions OpenAPI
Delete Old Version (DELETE) /files/{FILE_ID}/versions/{VERSION_ID} OpenAPI
Remove Watermark on File (DELETE) /files/{FILE_ID}/watermark OpenAPI
Get Watermark on File (GET) /files/{FILE_ID}/watermark OpenAPI
Apply Watermark on File (PUT) /files/{FILE_ID}/watermark OpenAPI
Get Folder Collaborations (GET) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/collaborations OpenAPI
Copy Folder (POST) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/copy OpenAPI
Delete Folder (DELETE) /folders/{FOLDER_ID} OpenAPI
Get Folder's Info (GET) /folders/{FOLDER_ID} OpenAPI
Get Folder’s Items (GET) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/items OpenAPI
Get All Metadata on Folder (GET) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/metadata OpenAPI
Delete Metadata on Folder (DELETE) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/metadata/{SCOPE}/{TEMPLATE} OpenAPI
Get Metadata on Folder (GET) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/metadata/{SCOPE}/{TEMPLATE} OpenAPI
Create Metadata on Folder (POST) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/metadata/{SCOPE}/{TEMPLATE} OpenAPI
Update Metadata on Folder (PUT) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/metadata/{SCOPE}/{TEMPLATE} OpenAPI
Restore Folder (POST) /folders/{FOLDER_ID} OpenAPI
Update Folder, Create Shared Link, Create or Delete (PUT) /folders/{FOLDER_ID} OpenAPI
Permanently Delete (DELETE) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/trash OpenAPI
Get Trashed Folder (GET) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/trash OpenAPI
Remove Watermark on Folder (DELETE) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/watermark OpenAPI
Get Watermark on Folder (GET) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/watermark OpenAPI
Apply Watermark on Folder (PUT) /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/watermark OpenAPI
Create Folder (POST) /folders OpenAPI
Get Trashed Items (GET) /folders/trash/items OpenAPI
Delete Membership (DELETE) /group_memberships/{GROUP_MEMBERSHIP_ID} OpenAPI
Get Membership (GET) /group_memberships/{GROUP_MEMBERSHIP_ID} OpenAPI
Update Membership (PUT) /group_memberships/{GROUP_MEMBERSHIP_ID} OpenAPI
Create Membership (POST) /group_memberships OpenAPI
Get Groups for an Enterprise (GET) /groups OpenAPI
Get Collaborations for Group (GET) /groups/{GROUP_ID}/collaborations OpenAPI
Delete Group (DELETE) /groups/{GROUP_ID} OpenAPI
Get Group (GET) /groups/{GROUP_ID} OpenAPI
Get Memberships for Group (GET) /groups/{GROUP_ID}/memberships OpenAPI
Update Group (PUT) /groups/{GROUP_ID} OpenAPI
Create Group (POST) /groups OpenAPI
Get status of the invite (GET) /invites/{INVITE_ID} OpenAPI
Invite User (POST) /invites OpenAPI
Get Legal Hold Policies (GET) /legal_hold_policies OpenAPI
Get Legal hold policy assignments (GET) /legal_hold_policies/{ID}/assignments OpenAPI
Delete Legal Hold Policy (DELETE) /legal_hold_policies/{ID} OpenAPI
Get Legal Hold Policy (GET) /legal_hold_policies/{ID} OpenAPI
Update Existing Legal Hold Policy (PUT) /legal_hold_policies/{ID} OpenAPI
Create New Legal Hold Policy (POST) /legal_hold_policies OpenAPI
Delete Legal Hold Policy Assignment (DELETE) /legal_hold_policy_assignments/{ASSIGNMENT_ID} OpenAPI
Get Legal Hold Policy Assignment (GET) /legal_hold_policy_assignments/{ASSIGNMENT_ID} OpenAPI
Create New Legal Hold Policy Assignment (POST) /legal_hold_policy_assignments OpenAPI
Create Metadata Template (POST) /metadata_templates/schema OpenAPI
Get Enterprise Metadata (GET) /metadata_templates/{SCOPE} OpenAPI
Get Metadata Template (GET) /metadata_templates/{SCOPE}/{TEMPLATE}/schema OpenAPI
Update Metadata Template (PUT) /metadata_templates/{SCOPE}/{TEMPLATE}/schema OpenAPI
Get Retention Policies (GET) /retention_policies OpenAPI
Get Retention Policy Assignments (GET) /retention_policies/{POLICY_ID}/assignments OpenAPI
Get Retention Policy (GET) /retention_policies/{POLICY_ID} OpenAPI
Update Retention Policy (PUT) /retention_policies/{POLICY_ID} OpenAPI
Create Retention Policy (POST) /retention_policies OpenAPI
Create Retention Policy Assignment (POST) /retention_policy_assignments OpenAPI
Get Retention Policy Assignment (GET) /retention_policy_assignments/{RETENTION_POLICY_ASSIGNMENT_ID} OpenAPI
Searching for Content (GET) /search OpenAPI
Shared Items (GET) /shared_items OpenAPI
Create Task Assignment (POST) /task_assignments OpenAPI
Delete Task Assignment (DELETE) /task_assignments/{TASK_ASSIGNMENT_ID} OpenAPI
Get Task Assignment (GET) /task_assignments/{TASK_ASSIGNMENT_ID} OpenAPI
Update Task Assignment (PUT) /task_assignments/{TASK_ASSIGNMENT_ID} OpenAPI
Create Task (POST) /tasks OpenAPI
Get Assignments (GET) /tasks/{TASK_ID}/assignments OpenAPI
Delete Task (DELETE) /tasks/{TASK_ID} OpenAPI
Get Task (GET) /tasks/{TASK_ID} OpenAPI
Update Task (PUT) /tasks/{TASK_ID} OpenAPI
Get Enterprise Users (GET) /users OpenAPI
Get Current User (GET) /users/me OpenAPI
Create User (POST) /users OpenAPI
Delete User (DELETE) /users/{USER_ID} OpenAPI
Delete Email Alias (DELETE) /users/{USER_ID}/email_aliases/{EMAIL_ALIAS_ID} OpenAPI
Get Email Aliases (GET) /users/{USER_ID}/email_aliases OpenAPI
Add Email Alias (POST) /users/{USER_ID}/email_aliases OpenAPI
Move User's Folder (PUT) /users/{USER_ID}/folders/{FOLDER_ID} OpenAPI
Get User's Info (GET) /users/{USER_ID} OpenAPI
Get Memberships for User (GET) /users/{USER_ID}/memberships OpenAPI
Update User, Change User's Login (PUT) /users/{USER_ID} OpenAPI
Create Web Link (POST) /web_links OpenAPI
Delete Web Link (DELETE) /web_links/{WEB_LINK_ID} OpenAPI
Get Web Link (GET) /web_links/{WEB_LINK_ID} OpenAPI
Update Web Link (PUT) /web_links/{WEB_LINK_ID} OpenAPI
Get Webhooks (GET) /webhooks OpenAPI
Create Webhook (POST) /webhooks OpenAPI
Delete Webhook (DELETE) /webhooks/{WEBHOOK_ID} OpenAPI
Get Webhook (GET) /webhooks/{WEBHOOK_ID} OpenAPI
Update Webhook (PUT) /webhooks/{WEBHOOK_ID} OpenAPI